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This Account Type is for all INDEPENDENT escorts, dancers, masseuse, dominatrix etc who do not work for or have an affiliation with any particular club, parlour or agency or premises ONLY.
You can add multiple listings for girls, guys and/or trans under these accounts if you want to.
Account and Personal Details entered during the ACCOUNT REGISTRATION process APPLY to ALL profiles (girls, guys, doms and trans etc) added under THIS ACCOUNT.
Details in relation to each listing are entered while adding each separate listing and are unique to that listing.
If you are running a Club or Agency this is the account type for you.
This Account Type is for all clubs, parlours, brothels, boudoirs, strip clubs, agencies, bars, night clubs etc. as opposed to individual escorts, performers etc.
Club / Agency account holders can also list escorts, performers etc who work for them under this account as well as advertising their businesses / premises.
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