Prostitutes in Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga can now control their own Advertising

Looking for sex workers in New Zealand can be difficult. It’s sometimes hard to know how much control and agency the girls have over their own work, which can put you in an awkward position—and not the fun kind. What if you could find prostitutes in Auckland, Hamilton or Tauranga who were empowered and in charge of their careers, though? It might sound like a difficult task, but there are safe, ethical and above board ways to find the escort you want. It's all thanks to a brand new service called Foxygirls that’s changing the New Zealand sex trade.

Foxygirls has spent the last two years aiming to improve the way that sex workers do business, to maximise the safety and comfort of prostitutes and their clients alike. Using our business model, sex workers are encouraged to take control of their own online advertising and maximise their ROI in the process. Our directory lists the most beautiful prostitutes available in Tauranga, Hamilton and Auckland, all of whom are able to upload their own photos and profiles. This approach puts power directly into the hands of sex workers and helps make the industry a more decent place for them to do business. Our approach is friendly, easy going and undemanding, to create an environment where people feel comfortable working. This has made us one of the fastest growing escort services in all of New Zealand and has attracted some of the industry's top talent.

Respected Across the Industry

Foxygirls is quickly catching on throughout the country, and we've been vetted by some of the industry's biggest names. We're proud to be part of the Erotic Lifestyles Expo, NZX and the Boobs on Bikes group of businesses. This means that we're safe and that we abide by strict professional standards to ensure that our clients are treated fairly. We're about promoting our users, not controlling them. Our girls own their own marketing materials and are protected by a variety of clauses that allow them to use our platform without being gouged or otherwise obligated. Because of this, more and more quality prostitutes are using our service to get themselves out there and work.

Find the Most Beautiful Prostitutes in Hamilton, Tauranga and Auckland


Because of our business model, we attract the very best clients. If you happen to be the one searching for an escort, that means you'll have some of the greatest assets in New Zealand at your fingertips when you conduct your search via Foxygirls. Find prostitutes who feel good about what they do and are eager to work when you use our platform. You’ll find that a little security and some solid business practices make all the difference when it comes to how our users approach their jobs. Visit our website today to learn more about how our exciting new service functions.

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