Finally a Forum for Everyone!

Feb 11, 2021
Have you ever wanted to have a site where you can discuss anything?  Yes, that’s right anything and not be judged for it?
Well, I need to tell you about this site called, this is truly a site where that can be done.
Whether you’re wanting to keep an “eye” on our Girl of the Day, discuss all sorts of “naughty topics” or just general “Life stuff”.  Actually I’ll give you a rundown on those too....
- There’s an Escort & Agencies Forum, where ANY escort and ANY agency can discuss all sorts of items
- Escorts News – where you, me, the Webmaster of OpenForum or anyone who signs up to the site can utilise this section
- Escort Review – yes, of any escort that you want to review, whether they be from NZGirls, Escortify or The Escort Directory of NZ, it doesnt matter all are welcome
- Then there’s “The Bedroom, Eye Candy and Sex Stories” sections as well, keep an eye on those, there’s lots of titalating stories that appear there.
- There’s also an entertainment and  life where just about anything goes, just make sure that you post in the correct section, otherwise it’s likely to be removed.
So what are you waiting for, go over to and check them out!
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