Who Owns the Photos etc?

Feb 17, 2021
It’s simple really.
If you are an advertiser on this site then "What is yours is yours, what is ours is ours".
If you provide the photographs, videos and other content for your advert then that content is yours and you can use it wherever else you want to without even asking us. The same thing applies if you pay us or one of our photographers to photograph or film you. The images or film belong to you.
If, however, we pay for the photography or filming then those images or that footage belongs to Foxygirls.co.nz and may not be used elsewhere without our permission.
Another way of thinking of this is "ownership follows the money" - that is whoever paid or incurred the cost for the content owns it unless there is an agreement in place which gives ownership to someone else.
If you are a visitor to this site, the content on this website is copyrighted and protected by intellectual property rights. Any unauthorised reproduction is strictly prohibited. All Foxygirls.co.nz services, logos, publications, trademarks, service marks, software and formats are the property of Grafton Marketing Limited and are not to be reproduced in any way without the written consent of Grafton Marketing Limited.
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