Covid Rules for Escorts & Clients


    Escorts & Sex workers and sex work businesses can operate in Red if they seek proof of vaccine from their clients, and ensure their workforce is vaccinated.

    If My Vaccine Passes are not sighted, your business can’t operate.

    Signage must be displayed in a prominent place near the main entrance indicating that customers require a My Vaccine Pass.

    There is a verifier app available to download for scanning/checking the My Vaccine Pass QR codes It confirms the Vaccine Pass is valid along with the full name and date of birth of the holder.

    It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that clients/customers and workers onsite are vaccinated. Operators must seek proof of vaccine from clients, and ensure all workers onsite are vaccinated. FSSWers, sensual masseuses, dancers, employed staff and other contractors must be vaccinated to work onsite.

    Private workers are not obliged to show Vaccine Passes to clients, this is private information. All workers must be vaccinated to do sex work.

    Public health requirements must also be followed, such as:
    - keeping clients 1m distanced from each other
    - ensuring visitors scan in or leave their contact details for contact tracing purposes
    - encourage face coverings in shared spaces (such as bars, reception area, hallways)
    - clients do not need to wear a mask, but it is strongly encouraged
    - workers must wear masks, as far as is reasonably practicable
    - masks can be removed for identification purposes and/or if it is unsafe to wear them

Workers who are not vaccinated, are not permitted to do in-person sex work at Red.

Foxygirls Admin Team

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