What Tourists Need to Know about Prostitution Laws in Hamilton and Finding the Best Female Escorts

If you’re planning to visit New Zealand, you might be interested to know that prostitution is legal here – but there are some things to know about the rules before indulging. Prostitution became legal in NZ in 2003. Underage prostitution and sex slavery, of course, are not legal. Sex workers are afforded good police protection, and safe sex (using condoms) is mandatory.

There are sex services and brothels available throughout the country as well as many private escorts in Hamilton and other areas. The only forms of advertising allowed for private escorts are online and in newspapers, with the Internet being the easiest source of information about specific workers and the areas they serve. Directory listing services such as Foxygirls allow male or female escorts in Hamilton to create profiles and advertise their services to potential clients.

Street Prostitution

For the most part, you will find this type of prostitution in particular areas of the major cities. For example, street prostitutes gather on Karangahape Road (better known as K’Rd) and Hunters Corner in Auckland, Cuba and Marion Streets in Wellington, and Ferry Road and Manchester Streets in Christchurch. You’ll be unlikely to see any prostitutes out and about during the day; they mainly operate in the evening and at night.

Brothels and Escort Agencies

All the main centres are home to escort agencies and brothels. There are no “red light” areas in NZ, but there are areas where brothels and strip clubs tend to be concentrated. Brothels in NZ are strictly adult venues where you pay for sex with an individual of your choosing.

Sex and Swingers Clubs

These clubs are not, strictly speaking, “pay for sex” operations, but there are several clubs in NZ where sexual activity is permitted, and guests pay an entrance fee. In most clubs, only single females and couples are admitted. The swinger scene in NZ is not huge, but you can find swinger clubs if that's what peaks your interest.

Finding the Best Escorts in Hamilton


Private escorts are allowed to advertise in newspapers and online. The Internet is probably the best way to find female escorts in Hamilton. Foxygirls is an online directory of male and female escorts where sex workers can create their own profiles and web pages to attract clients. Foxygirls makes it easy to find prostitutes in your area when you search by name, location, or specific sexual preferences or physical attributes. You can also search within categories such as "girls," "guys," "trans," and "dominatrix," so that you can find exactly the right person to enjoy your time with.

Let Foxygirls help make your trip to NZ memorable for years to come. Search our directory for escorts you like, then contact them directly to book an appointment. Remember that all reputable escorts will require you to practice safe sex, as this is a legal requirement as well. Whether you’d like to meet a man or woman; whether you’d like to be dominated or have a long, relaxing massage, you can find what you’re looking for on Foxygirls.

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