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We all know the phrase "sex sells" — and escorts like you know it better than anyone. However, what you also know is that sex doesn't just sell all by itself. It takes work, and it boils down to being a business like any other. Attracting the right clients, keeping them coming back, and turning a profit after your expenses — what's not businesslike about that? When you want to present yourself as one of the best escorts in Dunedin, it takes the right image. From selecting the right lingerie to doing a professional photo shoot, there are many steps you might take while working towards crafting an image to sell. What do you do once you have all those things in hand?

Come to Foxygirls and make a profile! Create a listing in an instant and upload the photos you paid for while we guarantee that you retain all rights to them. We are an excellent platform to use for establishing female escorts. It's easy to put your images and profile in front of potential clients looking for escorts in Dunedin. Our site isn't just easy for you to use; it's friendly to your business model, too. We understand our industry and therefore we've created options that keep you from overpaying for ad space.

Affordable, flexible advertising for escorts in Dunedin


For many female escorts, there are often times when you will be unavailable to respond to requests that you receive as a result of an ad listing. You may go on holiday, or you may be booked solid for time away with a particular client. In either case, it's easy to find yourself paying for ad space from which you gain no benefit. At Foxygirls, we recognised this problem and developed a response.

When you create your listings on our site, we give you the ability to "suspend" your post anytime. This instantly freezes your escorts listing and hides it from view. It's the perfect feature for when you're away from home. When you return, simply reinstate your listing. All the time remaining from what you've already purchased will still be there. This is the best way to not only effectively advertise, but to keep more cash in your pocket. You're the one who does all the hard work; you deserve fair treatment in advertising.

Consider all our available options and services now

With the ability to suspend your listings at Foxygirls, you can easily save money you'd otherwise have to spend re-purchasing ad space. This is just one of the many ways we work hard to be friendly and accommodating to the female escorts in Dunedin advertising on our pages. We have plenty of information available about other services we offer right here on our site; we encourage you to look around to get familiar with how things work. Empower yourself to improve your business. Sex may sell, but female escorts can get a boost to ensure it really sells the way they want!

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