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It’s an unfortunate fact that escorts and other sex workers and businesses often fall short of the competition when it comes to marketing and advertising. Just as with any other business, how you present yourself to potential clients is an essential part of your success.

For starters, you should advertise in as many places as you possibly can. Too often, escorts advertise in only one place, putting themselves at the mercy of the advertising company and significantly limiting their business opportunities. Many potential clients are searching for female escorts in Auckland, and you’ll reach more of them by advertising on multiple websites. There are numerous websites on which you can promote your services. The more of them you use, the more business you’ll attract.

Promoting Yourself Online

When it comes to creating your profile, think about how you want to present yourself. The description you write about yourself matters. Include information such as your appearance, your sexual preferences (including likes and dislikes), your personality, the services you offer, and your availability. Consider the type of client you want to attract. Do you want lower spenders or top-end professionals? Tailor your language and tone to match your desired audience.

Also, your pictures are paramount. Poor-quality or unflattering photos will turn a potential client away faster than anything else. Professional photos are the best way to present yourself online and attract the attention of those searching for the best escorts in Auckland.

Foxygirls Helps Escorts in Auckland Promote Their Businesses Successfully


When you advertise with Foxygirls, get ready for a different experience than you might be used to. We are never exclusive, meaning that you are free to advertise wherever and whenever you want. In fact, we encourage you to promote yourself as much as possible and we will even help you find other websites where you can advertise in addition to your Foxygirls listing. You can also create your own personal URL so that you can include it in any of your other adverts for female escorts in Auckland and those who click on it or type it into their browsers will arrive directly at what is essentially your very own web page. Would you like to earn a little extra money? Pose for our VIP Lounge, and we'll pay you 50% of any earnings from your pictures.

Choose standard listings or featured listings; banner ads or newspaper listings – either way, Foxygirls offers an effective and affordable way to promote yourself and gain clients. Remember that in most ways; your business is just like any other. You provide a service, and advertising is the way to make people aware of that service. Making good advertising choices can help you compete for the same business that every other entertainment business in your area is competing for.

Start strengthening your online presence today with a Foxygirls listing. Contact us with any questions or register now and create your unique profile and web page. Then get ready to see your sales increase!

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